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Upward Bound Welcomes Back Students!

On Friday October 9th, you could hear the sound of fun down the hallways, and smell the pizza all the way to the first floor. The festivities far surpassed traditional TGIF celebrations. If you were wondering what was happening on the 5th floor, it was just a typical Upward Bound Welcome Back Celebration!

After a long awaited reunion, students were able to rekindle friendships and catch-up with all of their fellow members of the program. The Upward Bound staff kicked-off the new year for the students with pizza, ice cream, and Color-Me-Mine (oh my!). Students came in on their day out of school (Superintendent’s Day), and they were welcomed with pizza and wings courtesy of Salvatore’s. Once the students had their fill, we began the Color-Me-Mine activity. Creativity is an understatement when trying to describe the pottery that students had decorated. They were given a choice of bowl, plate, or mug to paint; the students took their paintbrushes, and turned ordinary dishes into masterpieces. The festivities were concluded with an ice cream bar and Fun Friday games.

The Upward Bound Welcome Back Celebration set the tone for the year with fun, excitement, and a commitment to providing quality academic experiences for students, while continuing to promote a safe and friendly atmosphere for all students.

Kyle Fletcher
MCC Upward Bound