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MCC's Social Media Efforts Need YOU!

What MCC social media posts get the most engagement? That's easy. MCC's therapy dogs, Gretta and Milli never fail to elicit a delighted response from our online friends & followers -- and the geese are pretty popular too. But the posts that showcase the accomplishments of our students always get the most comments, the majority of shares, and shine the brightest light on the College.

From the fundraising efforts of a student club to the pass rates of our nursing, surg tech and dental hygiene students, these are the type of posts that peak a prospective student's interest or make our students and alumni proud. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere -- and we don't always hear about everything. So, if you have a particularly interesting class project or field trip, an MCC-related factoid or stat, a successful initiative, or some obscure herculean effort, let us know! Send your best photo or photos and brief description to Janet Ekis at: If you prefer to have a conversation or have any questions, please call me at: 292.3023.

Thanks so much for your help.

Ekis, Janet
Marketing and Web