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MCC hosts NELNET Advisory Board Members

Heze Simmons, CFO/vice president of Administrative Services, is a member of the NELNET Community College Advisory Board.   So when it came time to decide where to hold their summer board meeting, Heze suggested Rochester, NY and they all agreed.

Monroe Community College hosted the NELNET Community College Advisory Board members on Monday, July 27.

NELNET board members represent a variety of community colleges throughout the country.

Board topics included, but were not limited to:

*         Compliance strategies – Financial Aid Management

*         Funding Formula by state

*         State-wide systems – how to work best and most efficiently in a Federation type system

*         Tuition for non-resident students

*         Financial Aid -  back to the college/government

*         International students: Balance/Recruiting/Budget Tool

*         Dual credit for high school students

The day ended with a tour of the campus led by Bob Cunningham director, Academic Facilities and Learning Environments.

Please see photo below.

Hezekiah Simmons
CFO/Vice President