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What?  Prevent March Madness - Don’t Get Locked Out of Your MCC Network Account!
When? March 28, 2011

To further enhance the security of MCC Network Accounts, MCC employees will be locked out of their MCC Network Account for 15 minutes after 10 attempts to login using an incorrect password.  This is the account you use to access a variety of systems including:
- MCC computers
- myMCC Employee Portal
- myVPN Employee Remote Access system
- SUNY Learning Network Angel system
- Student Storage via the Web
- MCC Wireless Network

If you become locked out, just wait for 15 minutes and try again.  If the lockout persists, please call the ETS Call Center at xHELP (x4357).  Lockouts can also happen if you have any mail-enabled device set up to connect to your MCC mailbox automatically, such as:
- iPad
- iPod Touch
- smart phone such as iPhone or Android
- home computer
- laptop

If you have one or more of these devices, we recommend that you change your MCC Network Account password and the stored passwords for all of your devices at the same time.   You can change your MCC Network Account password on any MCC computer via [Ctrl-Alt-Del] or by
using this link to myMAIL from on or off-campus.

Need Help?     ETS Call Center (Help Desk)     
On Campus:   ext. 4357 (HELP)
Off Campus:  292-2000 - ask for the Call Center or Help Desk
Email:  HELP DESK (

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services