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New! Virtual Financial Aid Lab Open for Business

The Financial Aid Office at Monroe Community College is committed to assisting students and their families with finding and accessing financial resources to facilitate enrollment, retention, and completion of individual educational goals. To accomplish this the office is now providing virtual lab services with personalized lab assistance, in addition to our web resources, e-mail, and telephone services!

Campus wide communication and collaboration are integral to the success of our community and the needs, values, and diversity of students, parents, and colleagues are respected. Our department strives to continue to utilize technology to enhance efficiencies in the financial aid processes in response to the current economic conditions by expanding our ability to offer financial literacy resources, tools, and guidance through the application processes, while integrating with other college services and programs to maximize opportunity for all students.

Our web page is now updated with the Virtual Lab Schedule at:

Monday: 10:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.

Friday: 10:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.

Tues., Wed., Thurs. 11:00 a.m.--3:00 p.m.

Tues., Wed., Thurs. 3:00 p.m.--6:00 p.m.

Saturday: 11:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.

The Virtual Zoom Lab will be accessed using the following ZOOM link; a waiting room is enabled to permit privacy while individualized services are delivered:

Santiago, Melissa
Financial Aid