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Update - Building Services - Pest Control

About a month ago we advised you about rodent issues on campus.  Seeing the live critters and their droppings as well as trapping and disposing of them is still occurring.  The battle continues.
What we are doing now:
    - Continuing to set and respond to sticky and snap traps, advised by the exterminating community to be one of the most effective remedies.
    - Where necessary, eliminating ivy from the exterior of buildings (attracts mice).
    - Continuing to locate and plug holes in exterior surfaces of the buildings.
    - Disassembling, cleaning inside and re-assembling heating registers in problematic areas in order to eliminate odor trails that mice follow.
    - Continuing to have our vendors set baits where appropriate.
    - Experimenting with oil of peppermint, the theory being that mice are allergic to it and stay away.
    - Working together with our Facilities associates in Physical Plant and Grounds and with the Safety and Hazard Prevention office.

What you can do:
    - Food. We are still finding snacks, leftovers and attractive food sources in many areas of sightings and problems.  You should continue a "carry-in, carry out," philosophy as discussed in our previous notice.
    - Use sealable Tupperware type containers for food storage.  Clean your microwaves and rinse out your coffee pots and cups prior to going home.
    - If you see a mouse, mouse droppings or catch one, call us at x2593.  We are here to help.

Fred McCullough
Building Services