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Study Japanese Mythology on Location: May 25 - June 15, 2011

Travel to the Land of the Rising Sun with Professor Stasia Callan, (English/Philosolphy). Japanese Mythology On-Location (English 106-LOC) will be offered this spring for 3 credits or audit.

The course offers a unique study of Japanese myths and legends of the indigenous Shinto tradition and of Japanese Buddhism, which was reshaped from the Buddhism of India to fit the needs of the Japanese culture. The tour will include visits to several Shinto shrines and to Kamakura to view the Great Image of the Buddha. Other places on the itinerary will include Tokyo, cruise on Lake Hacone, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, and more locations, where students will experience eleven centuries of history and cutting edge of modernity. There will be on-location lectures, discussions, and journal writing recording content and experiential learning.

Please see the attached flier for more details. Contact Stasia Callan <> for information.


Stasia Callan

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