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Reintroduction of Curriculum Database

The curriculum database has been in use for many years now but for those of you who are new to MCC and those who may need a refresher this is a reminder on how to use the technology.

The quickest way to access the database is through the employee portal, myMCC, curriculum tab. The link can be found in the first column under Curriculum Database/View Curriculum proposals. Click on the blue heading and choose Create Proposals and choose the type of proposal, new course, new program, course learning outcomes, etc.

Gather your information and consult with your resources and submit your proposal. The proposal status workflow changes from “under development” to “final approval” after review from the department chair, division dean, curriculum office, curriculum committee, curriculum dean, faculty senate and provost. New programs need approval by the Board of Trustees, SUNY, and the State Education Department. A chart of the curriculum process is attached for clarity.

Our goal is to assist and support faculty throughout the curriculum development and approval process.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development

icon Curriculum Approval Process.pdf