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The Honors Institute Welcomes its New Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Blake, Assistant Professor of English, has been appointed as new Coordinator of the Honors Program. In this role, Dr. Blake will oversee all operations of the Honors Institute, including curriculum development, the Honors Council, advising, faculty recruitment, and the Advanced Studies Certificate. Dr. Blake will draw on his experience as co-chair of URSICA and member of the Honors Council--as well as his cross-disciplinary scholarship--to inform his administration of the program.

I would like to thank Dr. Bob Muhlnickel, Associate professor of Philosophy, for his incredible leadership as Honors Coordinator since 2014. After five years of tireless dedication to the program and its students, Dr. Muhlnickel has decided to step down and focus on his teaching. His vision and efforts proved instrumental in effecting greater faculty collaboration and program redesign, both of which aim to make the Honors program more meaningful and accessible to students. Dr. Muhlnickel will remain a member of the Honors Council during this time of transition.

Michael Jacobs
Humanities & Social Sciences