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Biology Professors Talk Barr Bodies in Pioneer!

Tuesday, October 25, Professors Long, Murphy and Wakem from Biology met with students in Pioneer Common Room. Largely, students coming for tutoring sat and discussed Barr Bodies, DNA, Diploid Cells, Geno-types, and mitosis.

On a Tuesday night? Right in the prime time of watching “The Family Guy”?

You bet!

As Resident Hall student Wendy explained, “I wasn’t happy earning a 7 out of 10 on my last homework score. I wanted better. I couldn’t get help in high school, so now that I can get it, I’m going to!”

Working largely one-on-one, Long, Murphy and Wakem talked Bio-talk, offered Krispy Crème donuts, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of working in their students’ home. The three plan a return trip later this semester and plan to target a larger focus group of Biology students with help from the Advising Center and the HALL Connection. 

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Liz Pierce
Chair, HALL Connection