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Attendance Processing for Fall 2012

Welcome to the fall 2012 term! 

As you know, this is the time of year when we’d appreciate your confirming student attendance so we can see just how many students are coming to class.  We will forward a memo to your MCC e-mail account outlining the attendance process for the term.  We have made no major changes, so if you have done this before ---- you should breeze through it this term.

You need to enter attendance for every student enrolled in your course(s).  Please enter this data AFTER the census date of the course.  Why?  Because census date is the magic date when students who attend classes on or after census are (a) permitted to collect their financial aid; and (b) are counted in our enrollment based funding calculations.  So, you need to complete your attendance rosters AFTER your course census date.  (Full term courses have a census date of 9/24/12)  Your census date is clearly noted in the personal attendance memo being sent to your e-mail account.  It is also noted on the class rosters sent periodically to your e-mail account.  These dates are also available on the MCC web page at

I have enclosed some instructions and a Frequently Asked Questions listing to try to answer any questions you might have.  If you find yourself struggling with the attendance entries, close the Banner window, take a deep breath and send me an e-mail.  We can help you.  No need to struggle alone.

Attendance for courses with a census date of 9/30/12 or earlier should be completed in Banner by Wednesday, October 3rd.   Courses with a census date after 9/30/12 (typically late start courses) will need to complete the attendance process by Tuesday, November 27th.  A reminder memo will be sent to you.  

Remember that attendance processing is a required task, just like grading.  We need attendance in order to issue financial aid to students.  So, please jot the October 3rd deadline on your calendar.  And keep an eye on your e-mail because I will send gentle reminders as the date gets closer. 

Call if you have any questions.  Anne Lanzafame can be reached at "" or by phone at 292-2238.  We are happy to help.

Elizabeth Ripton
Registration and Records