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2011 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for Proposals

Innovation and excellence are an integral part of MCC and the Innovation of the Year Award is one of the ways such initiatives are recognized.  MCC’s winning entry for 2009-2010 was “Scholars’ Day”  by Matthew Fox (Transitional Studies), Matthew Hachee (English/Philosophy), Jeffrey Kiggins (Biology), Michael Ofsowitz (Psychology), Jodi Oriel (Student Life and Leadership Development), Scott Rudd (English/Philosophy), and Christine Schwartzott (Visual and Performing Arts). 

To view their innovation, the following link will take you to the League’s Innovation of the Year website.  Click on “2010 - Innovation of the Year” and scroll down to “Scholars’ Day.”

Attached please find a historical listing of MCC Innovation of the Year Award winners.

By April, Monroe Community College will designate the 2011 Innovation of the Year, an initiative by a person or team that has actively pursued discovery and change within the represented discipline.  The title - Innovation of the Year - is used in conjunction with the League for Innovation in the Community College and recognizes outstanding initiatives which have benefited the College community.  The initiatives may be programs, services, techniques, or approaches. 

The innovation should meet one or more of the following criteria:

-- QUALITY:  Students and/or staff agree that the innovation increases quality in the course, program, office, or institution.  Evidence of quality may include student ratings or letters of support from colleagues.

-- EFFICIENCY:  There is evidence that the innovation contributes to a more efficient way of doing things.  Student ratings, perceptions of outside consultants, and pre- and post-comparison of time involved are examples of evidence.

-- COST EFFECTIVENESS:  There is evidence that the innovation adds a value to the institution while at the same time containing or reducing costs.  Cost data will serve as evidence.

-- REPLICATION:  The innovation selected can be replicated in other institutions with a minimum of difficulty.

-- CREATIVITY:  The innovation should be as original as possible or the adaptation should be creative.  The description of the program or letters from experts are examples of evidence. 

-- TIMELINESS:  The innovation should not be more than five years old in the institution, but it must have been around long enough to have been tested so that it meets most of the criteria.

The award will include a plaque that will be presented on behalf of the League by the College and the designation will be reflected on the League website.  The winner(s) will be recognized at MCC’s Employee Recognition Ceremony.

All compensated members of the College community are eligible for the award.  When the innovation is a collaborative activity, all members should be nominated as a group.  Nominations may be made by any member of the College community after gaining the approval of the nominee(s).  Those making nominations must prepare:

1.    a two-page description of the initiative, including its objectives, methodology, and outcomes; and

2.     two or more pages of concisely stated evidence documenting how the nomination fulfills the criteria of creativity, excellence, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, and replication.

Please forward these materials to the nominee’s vice president by noon on Monday, April 4, 2011.

Susan M. Salvador
Vice President, Student Services

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