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Recording and Materials from Collaborative Learning Tools in the Age of Covid

The recording from Workshop #2, Collaborative Learning Tools in the Age of Covid, with Andrea Gilbert and Jeremy Case from Instructional Technologies held on Monday, April 5th is now available along with their awesome handout and slide shows about Zoom and Blackboard and other tools.

The Collaborative Learning Committee (CLC) thanks the Virtual Campus team for their support and wishes they'd scheduled an entire workshop with each one of these knowledgeable presenters!   

Thanks also to our CLC members:    

  • Ryan Clemens, Chemistry/Geosciences
  • Beth Clickner, Mathematics
  • Judy Dean, Mathematics
  • Marisol Galarza-Ruis, World Languages
  • Meghan Glaser, ESOL/TRS
  • Rebecca Griffin, Hospitality
  • Caitlyn Pilc, Nursing
  • Joe Scanlon, AHPS
  • Audrey Shafer, Nursing
  • Terry Shamblin, ESOL/TRS, Committee Chair 2020-2021
  • Rita Straubhaar, World Languages


Shamblin, Terry