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President's Wednesday Message

Last week, Washington Post "Color of Money" columnist Michelle Singletary published an op-ed worthy of applause: "Community College should be a first choice, not a last resort." Her primary focus was on the savings that students and families could realize by choosing community colleges, but she also listed other benefits: smaller classes, continued family support while in college, the availability of student life activities, career programs connected to employment, and transfer options for students seeking four-year degrees.

If you go a bit further and read the comments, you'll find the voices of community college supporters are strong and quite ready to dismantle every myth about the quality of our courses, faculty, and students. They share the stories of their own community college experiences; they advocate for the impact and transformational power of our colleges. Inspiring!

None of this is new information to us, but it is striking that in 2019, a column touting the benefits of community colleges is still relevant. In fact, later that same week, it made news that Google's new college search function excluded community colleges, a revelation that was particularly ironic given that Google has partnered with community colleges (including MCC) on IT certificate training.

All of this is a reminder that the story of community colleges needs to be shared again and again. We must be ambassadors for the quality, excellence, value, and impact of our colleges. MCC is outstanding, empowering, and transformational. We are a smart choice, a great choice, and--yes--a first choice. Let's keep sharing this message: MCC is inspiring every day!

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Kress, Anne
Office of the President