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Starfish News - Distance Learning Transitions Survey A Huge Success

Thank you to all faculty who submitted their Distance Learning Transitions Surveys in Starfish. This survey was intended to outreach to students who may be struggling with the transition to online learning formats. During this survey, faculty raised over 3500 flags, 330 referrals, and 8000 kudos for 6300 students! These are tremendous numbers!

Our team of Starfish responders had help on the outreach to these students. We were fortunate that an additional 30 staff members stepped in to help our responders team contact students as a result of the Starfish survey. These folks are still working diligently to contact these students to try to help with the issues identified by their faculty.

Thank you to all participants for this unified effort. We are able to make a difference, one student at a time, because of our dedicated faculty and staff.

If you have any questions about Starfish or about how to use it to maintain your ongoing connections to your students during the age of social distancing, please contact John Kulak at

Kulak, John