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E-Recycling is Back ... Friday, September 26th!

The Geosciences Association (student-led club) is holding an e-recycling event on Friday, September 26th!

E-recycling (electronic recycling) keeps hazardous contents found within electronics (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) out of landfills and therefore helps prevent these elements from polluting groundwater and soil.  Additionally, recycling these materials aids in decreasing our demand for these and other conflict minerals/elements necessary for the production of electronics.

E-recyclables can be dropped-off in Parking Lot M-1 between 8am and 3pm!

Accepted items include all of the following*:

Cell phones
Audio/video equipment

*See attached flyer for complete list of recyclable items.

Please feel free, upon dropping-off recyclables, to make a donation to this student group in its efforts to raise money for travel to study the geologic features and processes of Watkins Glen State Park and Mammoth Caves National Park.

The Earth thanks you (and the students too)!

Jessica Barone

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