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Migration From Staples to Office Depot/Office Max and Training Opportunities

The College soon will be changing its primary office supply vendor from Staples Business Advantage to Office Depot/OfficeMax through their new, local diversity partner, Gholkar’s, Inc.  Under this new program, all orders to Office Depot/OfficeMax will be processed through Gholkar’s.

The change is being made to support the new SUNY-wide office supply agreement with Office Depot/OfficeMax.  This initiative is one of several strategic sourcing programs intended for use by the entire SUNY system in order to achieve the maximum savings.  The new agreement with Office Depot/OfficeMax provides access to over 11,000 products and offers better pricing than the Monroe County contract with Staples that the College has used for many years.

Under the new agreement, the College will be supported by two (2) local account representatives who have worked with many of the College's departments in the past, and demonstrated responsiveness and a commitment to service excellence. Cathy Williams will be the College's account representative at Gholkar's, and Sharon Robinson will be our representative at Office Depot/OfficeMax. 

During the week of February recess, Sharon and Cathy will be offering three (3) training sessions for College employees who procure office supplies.  They will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday February 17th @ 2 p.m. in the Warshof Conference Center, Flynn Campus Center, Empire Room

Wednesday February 18th @ 10 a.m. in the Warshof Conference Center, Flynn Campus Center, Empire Room

Wednesday February 18th @ 2 p.m. in DCC Room 4151

We hope to provide access to these training sessions through a webinar format if you’d like to stay in your office, but still desire to attend.

Individuals who are responsible for procuring office supplies and those who approve office supply orders are encouraged to attend one of these training sessions, but it is not necessary if you are comfortable finding your way through the new ordering Web site without training.

If you plan to attend one of these sessions, please email me or call me at 2823 to let me know which session you plan to attend.

You may always schedule one-on-one training at a later date with Sharon or Cathy should you like training, but are unable to attend one of these sessions,

All College employees who are currently set up to order office supplies from Staples along with their order approvers, will be set up to purchase through to Office Depot/OfficeMax.  Deliveries will continue to take place on Thursdays.

Monday March 2, 2015, is the actual launch date for the transition to this new program. I want to make sure you all have your user ids and passwords to before we make the change.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns about any of the information contained herein.

Helen. Post
Buyer, Purchasing Department

Helen Post