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Damon City Campus gets a Check Up in Health Awareness

If you were anywhere near the 4th floor of the Damon City campus on Wednesday, November 12th, you were probably aware that something big was happening.  It was something very big indeed: The Monroe Community College Wellness Center’s annual Health Fair, a chance for the Damon community to check up on its health and safety awareness. 

Service-learners from Patricia Dano’s course HED 118: Introduction to Safety and Emergency Care and Michael Britton’s course HED 110: Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles partnered with the campus Wellness Center to put on a magnificent event!  Through a service-learning project embedded within these courses students were able to bring their final projects to life and reach out to the Damon campus to raise awareness about health hazards, personal safety and emergency response.  Students in these courses have been doing research all throughout the semester to develop professional displays and informational packets with the intent of dispersing this information to the Damon community.  There were also a number of creative activities that allowed visitors to interact and test their knowledge before getting the real facts from the presenters. 

“It was fun!” asserted Kasondra Buckner with her project partner Latandrea Wright.  Together they developed a project on personal safety, focusing on identity theft.  Kasondra and Latandrea had an assortment of small candies to lure visitors over so they could get their attention and then hand out the real information about credit reports and identity theft.  Debra Grant and Shonda Wade used another method to get an audience; “we have a real fireman.”  Debra and Shonda, along with a few other classmates who were checking out the other projects, chose to do their project on fire safety and were able to get a local fireman from the RFD to come and answer questions.  “This is a great event!” said Debra.  The students worked hard on their projects, and it showed in their commitment to informing the masses. 

The Health and Wellness Fair had yet another successful event!  Congratulations to the students on their fabulous projects and to all those who supported them throughout the process! 

Ted Limpert
Center for Service-Learning

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