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MCC's JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Team 2007

About this time last year, Eraj Basnayake and I realized that MCC’s 2007 Commencement ceremony wouldn’t conflict with the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile race for the first time in years so we elected ourselves co–chairs of MCC’s JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge team.  Then we set out to recruit team members since we figured it would be fun to run with people other than just ourselves.  Twenty–nine people responded to our pleas and 18 were able to participate on race day, May 31, 2007.  It is high time we acknowledge them and their efforts, thus this note.

Here in alphabetical order – certainly not in order of finishing the race – are the runners/joggers/walkers who represented MCC:  Jann Avery, Brenda Babitz (and her husband Paul), Eraj Basnayake, Kristin Blake, Julie Damerall, Jackie Dorsey, Gary Egan, Mary Ewanechko, Susan Gurak, Pat Kuby, Kate Marhatta, Michael McCullough, Kristy Mooney Graves, Karen Morris, Corinne Mulhall, Donna Pogroszewski, Mike Quinn and Renee St. Louis.  The combined finishing times for Gary, Mary, Kate and Mike Quinn placed them in the top 20 of the “mixed” teams (#19 overall).

Our group was one of six invited to have our picture taken with Grete Waitz, ambassador for JPMorgan Chase and nine–time NYC Marathon champion.  It was a true privilege to meet her and to represent MCC at this highly regarded community event.

Jann Avery

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