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New Telephone Technology Features

This is the second of two announcements dealing with new telephone features at MCC. 

Cisco Unity Voicemail
MCC’s new voicemail system, Cisco Unity Voicemail, is ready for installation by CNS.  Installation is scheduled by department.  There are many new and exciting features that come with Cisco Unity Voicemail.

- Natural speech recognition for menu navigation
- Larger mailbox sizes
- Web interface to manage messages, user options, and self-service PIN resets
- Many more

To ensure a smooth installation, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Messages and settings from the old voicemail system cannot be moved to the new system. Please prepare for the transition by removing old messages that are no longer needed and copy information from any messages that needs to be saved.

During the transition, when calling to check voicemail from outside MCC, (292-8300), you will now hear a menu asking if you would like to proceed to your MCC voicemail (current voicemail system) or to your “New Unity Mailbox.” You will need to select the appropriate option to continue.

For Staff Using ACD Agent Options

Those of you who answer an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) line in a call center environment have probably noticed a new menu of codes that pops up when going “Not Ready” or Logging Out. Reason Codes provide information to supervisors concerning the work status of their agents. This also provides more comprehensive ACD reports for analysis and business improvement. Below is a breakdown of the codes:

- End of Shift (when you are done for the day)
- Lunch Break (when you leave for lunch)
- Other Break (any other approved break)
- Wrap-Up (finishing paperwork for the call you just finished)
- Work (any general work that requires you to be off the phone)

Please note that you can also choose “Not Ready” even when you are already “Not Ready.” This is to allow you to move from one “Not Ready” state to another.  An example would be going from a Lunch Break to a Work State.

We hope you enjoy the new phones and features! We also offer a great training course to help understand these features and many more. Feel free to call with your questions or to schedule a training session. 292-TECH (option 3 for employees then option 2 for phones).

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