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Branding Update: A Brand Position that Sets MCC Apart

The feedback gathered from MCC students, faculty and staff, alumni, and others over the past couple months is fueling Crowley Webb’s strategic and creative thinking about MCC’s brand. (Crowley Webb is MCC’s agency of record.)

In early May, agency representatives will present a “brand position” that encapsulates our promise to the community, and the experience people have with MCC that sets us apart from other colleges. The brand position will come in the form of a statement that captures the essence of our revitalized brand. Once approved, the brand position will be a guiding principle and a foundation for communication and service delivery that is in sync with the college’s mission and vision.

During changing times in higher education, one fact stays the same: Our brand is the foundation of our great reputation and our standard of excellence. In order to fulfill our promise, we will need to live the brand (i.e., incorporate it into our daily work). Our brand is you.

Stay tuned for our brand position statement in our May branding update.

Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Marketing Communications & College and Community Relations