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Orange Cone Blossoms are Sprouting Up Everywhere

While the lilacs are running a bit late this year, there is no shortage of orange cone blossoms over in the facilities area. We’re picking a big crop of orange cones right now to begin the construction season very soon.  This year’s crop will be decorating several areas of new and ongoing Brighton Campus projects. For a reminder:

The sidewalk between Canal Hall to buildings 4 &12 and building 3 will be closing on June 9 for the installation of electric lines to the B-21 addition. The work will start behind building 3 and work its way north to the blue fence surrounding the present building 21 staging area. Expect some noise and vibrations as they progress the trench along the existing sidewalk behind building 12. (East side facing the pond.)

Painting and sealing of the concrete on the new patio and stairs area in front of the main entrance has begun and will result in a few closures to allow the paint to dry. Landscaping work has also begun to finish grade and seed the grass areas now that most of the frost is out of the ground ...

The largest user of our new crop of orange cone blossoms will be the construction of the new roundabout at the Brighton-Henrietta Town Line entrance. We have signage on campus directing visitors and forgetful employees to use the East Henrietta road entrances. The New York State Department of Transportation installed new directional signage on both roads to redirect visitors to campus to use the East Henrietta Road entrances.  Work on this project will be complete before classes begin in the fall.

There are several other projects in the final planning stages right now, but we don’t have firm dates yet. As soon as those are firmed up, we’ll update everyone.

Blaine Grindle
Faciilities Engineering