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CUES Professional Development Session

On Thursday, November 6, 2003 from 12:00 – 1:00 in Room: 5269 of the Damon City Campus the CUES Professional Development Session will be:

Sprawl Costs Us All?
Patterns and Dynamics of Land Use and Development in the Genesee/Finger Lakes Region
Evan Lowenstein, Executive Director, Common Good Planning Center

Urban sprawl is random unplanned growth characterized by inadequate accessibility to essential land uses.  Sprawl has social and economic consequences such as heightened urban-suburban school disparities, accelerated urban infrastructure decline, concentrated poverty, heightened racial disparities, and negative public health consequences.  In the nine-county Genesee-Finger Lakes Region the rate of land development has exceeded the rate of population growth by over ten times since 1980. This pattern has serious economic, environmental, and social consequences for urban, suburban, and rural communities. Hear about the problems but also about the potential for our region to achieve “smart growth”.  Even Lowenstein, Executive Director of the Common Good Planning Center will discuss the impact of urban sprawl in Rochester.

James W. Maddison
Center for Urban Educational Studies