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The Daylight Hour: A Single Hour to TURN IT OFF

Daylight Hour is a global social media campaign launched in 2014 by Building Energy Exchange, a NYC based non-profit that provides resources to improve energy efficiency in the built environment. It is a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of daylight in commercial offices and a vehicle to promote resources that help offices properly utilize this important resource.

The MCC Sustainability Steering Committee is asking everyone to participate in this event on Friday, June 19 from noon to 1:00 p.m.

Using daylight in office buildings is an opportunity to conserve energy, save money, and promote the well-being of the many people who spend their days indoors. The periods when daylight is most readily available (midday and afternoon) coincides with peak demand – the time when offices are running computers and air conditioning and demanding the most energy from the grid. This peak energy is the most expensive energy, and typically the dirtiest and most harmful to our global climate because the oldest, least efficient plants are brought online to meet this need. Reducing the lighting load during peak periods significantly reduces carbon emissions. At the same time, day-lit spaces are often the most pleasant to spend time in, and studies suggest these spaces promote our health and well-being, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Help us raise awareness about the availability of daylight and draw attention to this important issue by joining city, state, and private sector offices around the globe to turn your lights off and participate in The Daylight Hour 2015.

Valarie Avalone and Travis Sleight
Sustainability Steering Committee