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MCC Service-Learners and the DCC Campus Center Host a Financial Awareness Workshop

This past Tuesday, November 3rd, service-learners, from Professor Ranczuch’s ECO 103 course, hosted an on-campus program to inform students about personal money management.  In order to make this program possible ECO service-learners partnered with Rick Sadwick from the DCC Campus Center and Rachel Adonis from HSBC Bank.   

ECO service-learners split into three different teams to undertake the many responsibilities of hosting a campus event.  The promotions team worked together to develop methods to promote the event, create a promotional timeline, and assign an official documentarian.  The hospitality team was responsible for communicating with the various parties involved, including Rick, Rachel, and Toni Custodio to reserve and confirm an appropriate on-campus location.  The assessment team approached the challenge of developing a tool to evaluate the response from the audience following the presentation, and measure the success of the programs primary objectives.          

The event was a great success, with 35 MCC students in attendance.  During the presentation, Rachel Adonis discussed helpful advice about how to manage your money and understand the importance of using credit.  Attendees also learned about the significance of protecting oneself from identity theft.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more programs like this in the future, as it is important to fully understand the diverse spectrum of personal money management, especially in today’s economy.  

Ted Limpert
MCC Service-Learning