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Friends on Friday! Join the Crossovers for an hour of collegiality on the First Friday of the Month!

Everyone Welcome!  Some time ago, and we won’t say how long ago it was, a group of employees (staff, faculty. administrators) got together to attend an MCC play and they found it so great to meet and greet colleagues from across the campus, that they decided to form a social group.   This group was named “The Crossovers” as it includes employees from many different areas of the college.  The group meets the first friday of every month and extends the invitation to the entire MCC family.

So if you have a few minutes, drop by J.B. Quimby’s on Friday, September 5 at about 5 p.m. to join in the fun! Everyone is welcome!  J.B. Quimby’s is in the Win-Jeff Plaza on Winton Road, between Jefferson Road and Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road.

Founding Members, “The Crossovers”:
Dave Shaw (Music)
Ellen Mancuso (Libraries)
Paul Emerick (Biology)
Alice Harrington Wilson (Libraries)
Jeff Bartkovich (Educational Technology Services}
Diane Navarro Dawson (Instructional Technologies)
Cynthia Cooper (College and Community Relations)

Ellen Mancuso
ETS Libraries