MCC Daily Tribune

Response to SUNY Chief Diversity Officer Recommendations

I am truly sorry that my initial response to the September 28 racist tweet was disappointing and hurtful to members of the MCC community. The observations SUNY Vice Chancellor Carlos Medina drew from his time at our College following the posting are deeply troubling, and they tell us that MCC has work to do. Over the last weeks, I have met with dozens of members of our community--employees and students--to listen to the reality of their experiences at MCC. They have entrusted me with their stories and with the responsibility to lead MCC through the changes necessary to address the impact of structural racism.

It is an honor to serve as the leader of such an extraordinary institution, one that is fearless in confronting a legacy of discrimination that continues to challenge our nation. Our College is inspiring, and our stand against this terrible racist moment will make us stronger. MCC has been hurt, and I am sorry for that. Standing together, we will not let hate win."

Kress, Anne
Office of the President