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Senators Elected and Re-Elected for 2018-19

The Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee of the Faculty Senate is pleased to announce the results of the Spring 2017 Faculty Senate elections.

The following constituencies re/elected the listed individuals to serve in the 2018-19 Faculty Senate:

Biology: Tracey Graney

Business Administration/Economics: Kathleen Borbee (re-elected)

Chemistry/Geosciences: Jason Anderson (appointed to complete term of departing senator)

Engineering Technologies: Holly Holevinski (re-elected)

English/Philosophy: J. Chris Senden (returning senator elected to first term)

ESOL/TRS: Diane Clements

Health/Physical Education: Rocky Delfino

Hospitality: Drew Lawrence (re-elected)

Mathematics: Mary Cameron (returning senator elected to first term)

Nursing: Judith Wilson

Visual and Performing Arts: Tamara Hillabush-Walker

President's Office: Antonia Custodio (re-elected)

Advisement and Transfer Services: Elizabeth Baxter (re-elected)

Communication and Network Services: Kyle Mason

Facilities: Blaine Grindle (re-elected)

Academic Services Divisional Area: JoAnn Santos (re-elected)

Student Services Divisional Area: Taine Vinci (re-elected); Amy Greer

As per Faculty Senate guidelines, the elections for Spring 2017 are now officially closed. Any constituencies with vacant seats will be able to present nominees for Faculty Senate service next April.

Thanks to all participating.

Michael Heel
Faculty Senate Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee