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Funding for Summer Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) Courses

OER has the potential to save our students hundreds of dollars per semester and provide access to materials on day one of their classes. In a time when we are looking to assist students in overcoming the barriers imposed by the increasing cost of education, this is a timely opportunity to expand this endeavor. Along with the obvious cost benefit to students, OER provides a real opportunity for MCC faculty to personalize the learning experience for our students by customizing the content for their particular course and engaging in Open Pedagogy.

Two MCC faculty (and also SUNY OER Champions!), Elizabeth Johnston, and Tori Matthews, participated in a faculty panel in October 2018 at SUNY Oswego which addressed the effect that using OER had on their teaching style, as well as the impact on students' success in their courses. A recording of that panel can be viewed here.

Faculty are encouraged to apply to be considered for funding from the second round of the SUNY OER Initiative to expand the use of OER at MCC.

Please see attached for the application, SUNY OER Course Development information sheet, and OER Course Material Template.

Deadline to apply is April 30th, 2019. Contact MCC Director of Libraries Katie Ghidiu ( or x2320) with questions.

Attached Files:
SUNY OER Course Development 2018-19.docx.pdf
OER Course material template.docx.pdf

DeRusso, Katherine