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Seneca Falls Dialogues: Call for Dialogues from Faculty/Administrators/Students

The Biannual Seneca Falls Dialogues are a collaborative effort to reinvigorate Seneca Falls as a site of feminist activism and intellectual exchange. The College Alliance, a co-organizer, just launched its "Call for Dialogues" for the upcoming conference, which will be held in Seneca Falls October 21-23, 2016, and which will focus on how themes of labor/economics/enterprise intersect with gender-based and other identity categories.

The Seneca Falls Dialogues differ from many national conferences in that panels aren't structured around a series of papers delivered to an audience, but instead around a group of focused questions (with context) that can catalyze genuine conversations across various borders. Conference "dialogues" eventually are invited to be submitted in essay format, also, for a biannual, peer-reviewed publication co-sponsored by MCC.

The College Alliance is VERY interested in reaching out to MCC faculty, administrators, and students, especially those who might be interested in the conference's Please help spread the word, and perhaps even consider organizing your own dialogue--with your colleagues and/or students--for the event.

You should know: There will be a limited number of scholarships available for students, which will include the full conference registration fee plus money to put towards lodging. Two of these scholarships will be available specifically for MCC students. The conference includes a Friday night event (TBA), a continental breakfast Saturday, a series of concurrent Dialogues all day Saturday, a special dinner Saturday night featuring keynote speaker Brenda-Ann Kenneally (photographer/activist > here's the website for her project UPSTATE GIRLS:, and a champagne brunch on Sunday.

The conference website is <> . The Call for Dialogues is attached. Please don't hesitate to send any questions or thoughts to Maria Brandt at <>. We would LOVE to see all of you in Seneca Falls in October!

Maria Brandt

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