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Building Services - Pest Control

As often happens at this time of year, the Building Services Department has been responding to a growing number of  concerns regarding mice in the buildings.  

What we are doing: Setting and retrieving conventional snap and glue traps, working with our pest control vendors to set commercial traps and baits, implementing all of their professional recommendations and cleaning up appropriately behind the rodents.

What you can do:  Remember the mice aren’t in your space because of your magnetic personality, although we’re sure it is magnetic.  They’re there because there’s something for them to eat!  Therefore, eliminate or minimize food sources.  Use sealable Tupperware/ Rubbermaid style containers for all lunches and snack storage.  Use a “carry in carry-out” philosophy for your leftovers and food refuse.      

We are confident that by working cooperatively, we can prevail and regain possession of the Campus from the Rodent Kingdom.   Thanks for  your understanding and help.

Fred McCullough
Facilities - Building Services