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Come to Scholars' Day 2015

This Saturday is Scholars’ Day.

See the full schedule online:

Faculty: We hope to see you there, and hope you’ll help motivate your students to come.

Students: We especially hope to see you there. In additional to intellectual stimulation, you can win door prizes, get a free lunch (with jazz band entertainment), and help your favorite presenter win $250. And maybe your teacher will give you some credit for attending.

Topics this year range from the aeronautical (e.g., “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Advancing the Future “) to the anthropological (e.g., “Papua New Guinea Ignited: Witch Burnings in the Western Highlands “), the artistic (e.g., “Beauty and Functionality: Art Expressed Through Technology”) to the biological (e.g., “Anabolic Steroids: A Choice with Consequences”), the literary (e.g., “Sin, Self-Knowledge, and Suicide in Hawthorne's Short Fiction”), the psychological (e.g., “Clinical Depression: Understanding and Reducing the Stigma”), the sociological (e.g., “The Detrimental Effect of Internal Prejudices Within the Gay Community”), to the zoological (“Fecal Antibiotic Resistance Patterns and Parasite Prevalence in Captive Versus Free Roaming Anseriformes in a Zoo Setting”).

Now how can you beat that? Actually, you can: there’s more. See the full schedule for all the topics, the times, and the names of the many presenters.

See you there.

Michael Ofsowitz