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100 Days to Innovation: Proposal Draft

The 100 Days to Innovation – Project 1 Student Account Creation Committee is pleased to share with you the following draft of our proposed innovation that will help prospective students better navigate our online application and registration processes. Please keep in mind that the solution described below is a DRAFT. We welcome your comments and input via email (<>) at this time.

Overview: Our proposed innovation enables prospective students—those who apply online or onsite—to keep their self-established PIN longer through the first registration cycle. If a student does not remember his or her PIN, a staff member can easily run a report to obtain it. Prospective students will no longer need to activate and access other MCC services (e.g., computer network and email) in order to register for the first time.

Our proposed five-point innovation includes the following steps:

1. Modify the language of the Banner Self-Service online application to be clearer on what will happen during and after successful completion of the application as well as the next steps for the applicant after submission and acceptance. This change to the online application focuses on student understanding and clarity of direction and processes. The primary benefit will be a more explicit, informative online application process.

2. Change the Banner Self-Service online application process to allow applicants to keep their online application PIN when accepted. Once this is accomplished, applicants will no longer need to go through the Account Activation process to acquire their PIN before being able to begin the registration process.  Students will still need to activate their Network Account after registration. The benefits are as follows:

- A streamlined, simplified student registration process.

- Applicants can continue to use the PIN they themselves established with MCC (through the application process) during registration. The application PIN will be brought over as the new/replacement PIN upon acceptance.

- Accepted students will not have to wait for the paper letter to begin the registration process.

- No Random PIN will need to be generated for these students as they had picked one for themselves already, thereby reducing the number of PIN resets that MCC staff will need to do.

3. Create a classroom computer image to be used for orientations, PARs, and other registration events that uses auto-login. This image will also display a menu of choices to students (Register, Activate your Account, Find your Account, et cetera) to simplify orientations and PARs. This enables student registration before Student Network Account activation. 

4. Grant appropriate employees participating in the advisement and registration process the ability to provide students with their current PIN. The primary benefit will be allowing students to immediately continue with the registration process. A secondary benefit will be fewer PIN resets throughout the advisement and registration process.

5. Allow for all new Banner PINs (i.e., PINs created by applicants during the online application process) to be usable for six months from acceptance. PINs will not have to be changed upon first use.

Feedback on this draft is appreciated as soon as possible. Please send your comments and input to Eileen Scorgie, Educational Technology Services, <>.

Thank you.

Jeff Bartkovich
Educational Technology Services