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Bartkovich and Ortiz Win Annual Scone Competition

On Friday, February 18, Jeff Bartkovich, Vice President, Educational Technology Services, and Phil Ortiz (Alumni) claimed victory in the “8th Annual Third Floor, Building One Scone Bake-Off” with their pumpkin scones with maple glaze.

Other scone bakers included: MCC President Anne Kress; Berni Duffy, College and Community Relations; Janet Ekis, College and Community Relations; Jean Heinsler, Office and Computer Programs; and Connie Herrera, Enrollment Management/Marketing. Last year’s winner, Sean Baker, Computer Services, contributed his scones as a non-competing baker.

Judges included: Diana Rayner, MCC retiree and “liaison to the Queen;” Nancy Price, Executive Secretary to the President; Frank Rinehart, Dean, Science, Health and Business; and Jodi Oriel, Assistant Director, Office of Student Life & Leadership Development.

Ticket sale proceeds raised $170 for the Holocaust Genocide and Human Rights project - Walk for Water.  Many thanks to all who participated.

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services