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Ghostly Ghouls, Penguins, and Liberty Partnerships Program Students!

The students of the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) spent a sunny Saturday morning in early October helping out in our community. Students from grades 7-12 traveled to the Seneca Park Zoo to take part in their annual fundraiser “ZooBoo.” As young children from across the county arrived at the zoo in costume, they were greeted by LPP students and other volunteers who helped to guide the families through a trick-or-treating day at the zoo.

During their time at the zoo, LPP students worked at stations where trick-or-treaters got a puzzle piece. Once all of the pieces were collected, they went to the final station where LPP students reviewed their puzzles, and gave them a goodie bag. One of our students was lucky enough to dress up as a giant penguin and be an unofficial mascot! He spent his day giving out hugs and high-fives to the ZooBoo patrons. LPP staff members took a photograph with him, too!

Volunteering and community involvement are key elements to the LPP program.  During the ZooBoo event the students embraced the chance to work with our community and to be a part of an event which brought residents of Monroe County together for a worthwhile cause. The experience was so rewarding for two of our students that they signed up to volunteer their time with the zoo during additional weekends this month! The staff is beyond proud of our stellar students and we look forward to seeing how they grow and shine during their time in LPP!

Liberty Partnerships Program is funded by the New York State Department of Education.

Elizabeth Appel
Liberty Partnerships Program - Education