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A bike ride tomorrow could effect America's future...

Tomorrow's bike ride will be riding a portion of the Lehigh Trail. Get out on the trail, get some fresh air, and figure out who you will be voting for. Later, get out and VOTE! Ride your bike to the polls if you can. Your vote will help determine the future of America.

After you vote, get online and join the MCC Bicycle Club in the 2019 Tour de Cure.

There are three reasons you should join now:

1. It will never be cheaper. Registration is just $10.
2. If you commit to riding now you will have more time to train and be physically ready (the ride is not until June 8, 2019)
3. The sooner you register, the sooner you can begin fund raising. There are currently 214 days until the event. You will only need to raise 93 cents a day if you start today.

Visit the team page to sign up today! (

Kevin Simmons
Communications and Network Services