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School to Work or Work to School?

On Wednesday, October 24, 2007, Office and Computer Programs students attended the first meeting in the OCP Department’s Speaker Series.  The informative panel discussion was facilitated by David McLuckie, Retentions Advisor.  The speakers addressed preparedness in the workplace and the challenges that students and employees face in the constantly changing world of technology.  A special thanks to

Samantha Singhal - Analyst/Programmer; Rich Partridge - Assistant Director; Bill Waterhouse– Technical Services Manager/Methods and Procedures Analysis – all from the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Informational Technology Department. 

Kris Shamp– MCC OFT Alumna, Administrative Assistant, Higher Education Opportunity Program and Henry Etlinger – Computer Science Faculty and Program Coordinator for Computer Science both from RIT. 

Tina Dozier– Help Desk, IT Specialist at Democrat & Chronicle. 

Delovis Olaode– MCC CIS Alumna, Instructional Technologies at MCC Damon Campus.

Gloria A. Anderson
Office and Computer Programs