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Blueprint for Change: Early Childhood

The United Way of Greater Rochester asked community members to identify issues that they felt were of the greatest concern to Rochester.  The list included violence, unsafe neighborhoods, support for nonprofessional caregivers, adequate food, clothing and shelter and low graduation rates.  With such a compelling list of needs, it was determined and endorsed by a wide variety of experts to start at the beginning by focusing on early childhood.

The goal is that every child in our community will have the best possible start in life.

Objectives are:

·       Improved Parenting

·       Increased School Readiness

·       Improved Child & Maternal Heath

·       More Effective Service Delivery

With our support, the United Way is able to implement the Blueprint for Change: Early Childhood which is the first of four population-focused blueprints that outline paths to successfully resolving some of our most pressing social needs.

In keeping with the call to LIVE UNITED, United Way investments will be financial support, advocacy on issues, mobilizing volunteers or a combination of all three.  Wherever United Way can, they will fund programs that are “evidence base” (proven to work based on extensive research and effective, long-lasting results).

Please visit the United Way web site for more information on this Blueprint for Change at <<>>

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Co-Chairs 2009 MCC United Way Campaign

Annette Agness, Director
MCC Association, Inc.