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Chris Kull Receives NYSTAA Distinguished Service Award

The New York State Transfer and Articulation Association (NYSTAA) each year recognizes a member for outstanding service to the organization.  This year, Chris Kull from the Career and Transfer Center was recognized by NYSTAA as the recipient of their Distinguished Service award for his significant and lasting contributions to the organization and advocacy for transfer issues.  He is a member of the Technology Committee and former Co-Chair of the Newsletter Committee.

This past year NYSTAA was planning to launch a new website.  The project had been stalled due to a combination of factors and the deadline was fast approaching.  The President of NYSTAA needed help and he needed it fast!  He requested that senior leadership review the issue and make recommendations on who might be able to spearhead the website launch.  The person recommended was Chris Kull. 

Chris came into this project with minimal knowledge of how the website was set up.  He reviewed the current site and began teaching himself a programming language in order to provide direction for the next steps.  In the end, Chris basically re- created the entire NYSTAA website from the ground up.  He single-handedly developed the organization’s interconnected webpages, including a homepage and brought NYSTAA to an entirely new technologic and visual level.  Chris’s combination of skill, extraordinary dedication and commitment is best summarized by visiting NYSTAA at ""  where you can view the website Chris built.

Congratulations to Chris on this well deserved award!

Holly Preische
Career and Transfer Center