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Cindy Smith Receives the 2008 Mathematics Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award

Please join us in congratulating Cindy Smith for being awarded the Mathematics Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award. Cindy joins the previous recipients, Thomas Reichert and John Tumminelli. Cindy, an Assistant Professor, joined the Mathematics Department in September, 1997. She has taught a wide variety of courses from Basic Algebra through Calculus, including Statistics and Survey of Mathematics. Cindy teaches at the Webster Christian School where she also teaches two Dual Credit courses, Statistics and Pre-Calculus/Calculus.

Following her first semseter at MCC, the Department Chair received a letter signed by the students in her class, expressing their appreciation of her teaching, stating, "Mrs. Smith has continuously shown patience, fairness and kindness in and out of the classroom." Classroom observations have found her to be clear in her explanations and adept at engaging the students in discussion. Cindy has been a positive addition to the Mathematics Department and very deserving of this award.


Bonnie Connell
Lead Adjunct Coordinator, Mathematics Department