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"Follow Your Dream" FA Scholarship!  Please Announce!

The Faculty Association has developed a new scholarship available to MCC students!  

The "Follow Your Dream" FA Scholarship focuses on students who may have obligations outside of the classroom, such as caring for family members/children or working multiple jobs to make ends meet, while continuing to succeed at MCC.  The  student shall have completed one academic year at MCC (or in the process of doing so) and obtained a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Each year this scholarship will be in honor of a member of the MCC community.  This first award will be in honor of Carmen Powers, who exemplified the meaning of service to students. 

If you identify potential students, please encourage them to apply.  The application form and a further description of the scholarship have been attached to this announcement.  Both files are also available on the FA website at

Please feel free to find out how to contribute to this unique scholarship opportunity by stopping by the FA office (7-205) or emailing Sonja Lenhard at HYPERLINK ""!

Many thanks,

The FA Scholarship Committee

Jessica Barone
Chemistry and Geosciences

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