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Fall Enrollment Marketing Update

The lazy days of summer are here, but the marketing campaign for fall is actively underway.

The digital (online) portion of the marketing campaign kicked off on Saturday.  This campaign includes the following tactics:

* Paid search or Google keywords – When prospects enter certain college terms, areas of study, and/or enrollment terms in the search bar in Google, MCC ads will appear in the results.

* Display ads – Based upon targeting, MCC ads will be delivered to people whose online information and activity identifies them as potential prospects.  These ads feature general MCC enrollment, online learning, and program specific ads for Criminal Justice, Education, International Business, and the Homeland Security Certificate program.

* Retargeting – Visitors to MCC’s website will be followed with ads encouraging them to return and apply.

* Video – MCC’s commercials will run on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube; these ads will be delivered to users whose profiles fit that of MCC prospects.

Digital marketing is just one tactic to reach prospective students. Others include:

* Movie Theatre Advertising – MCC is advertising in July and August at movie theatres in Webster (AMC Lowes Webster 12) and Henrietta (Movies 10).

* Direct Mail – Student recruitment direct mail drops all year long.  So far this academic year, we have mailed to close to 220,000 households, with more mailings planned throughout July and August. 

* TV and Radio – Our campaign will start shortly. Watch the Daily Tribune for details.

* Outdoor Advertising (Billboards) – We’ll also advertise on billboards later this month.  Watch the Daily Tribune for more information.

In addition, the digital marketing campaign to support the 2016 summer session will conclude on July 10.

It takes a village to run a marketing campaign.  Thanks to Computing & Information Technology Services, Enrollment Management, Institutional Research, Mail Services, Printing Services, Purchasing and Central Receiving, Virtual Campus, and the many faculty and staff who help our marketing programs succeed.

Debra Davis
Marketing and Community Relations