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Safety on Campus is Everyone’s Responsibility

During the Nov. 11 student altercation, our Public Safety staff was supported by caring students, faculty and staff who responded admirably at the scene. I personally thank everyone who played a role in helping those who were injured, identifying the suspects, calming people at the scene, and securing the area so that others would be safe. By choosing to help, you serve as role models for our campus and community.

I join Vice President Dr. Susan M. Salvador and Director of Public Safety Lee Struble in encouraging you to help maintain our college as a safe place to learn. Please visit the Public Safety Web pages,
<>, and familiarize yourself with the wealth of information and services available to protect you and others.

Monroe Community College’s Public Safety staff are an exceptional group of experienced professionals and we are very fortunate to have them on campus. Please join me in thanking them for their expeditious response on Nov. 11 and their daily commitment to the safety of our college community.

Larry W. Tyree