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Book Buddies Wanted for "If All of Rochester Read the Same Book"...

“If All of Rochester Read…” selects Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits. Book Buddies Wanted!

Writers & Books, Inc. has chosen Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila Lalami as the 2008 “If All of Rochester Read the Same Book”… selection. The tale traces the illegal journey of two men and two women as they cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco to Spain. What has driven them to leave their country and risk their lives? And will the rewards prove to be worth the danger?
Publishers Weekly writes, “The four following chapters detail, with sensitivity and journalistic clarity, their lives after the trip across the Strait. Less a novel than a set of finely detailed portraits, this book gives outsiders a glimpse of some of Moroccan society's strata and the desperation that underlies many ordinary lives.” 

I will be using the Book Buddy program with this book in my Introduction to Literature Class. We will begin to reading the book Wednesday, March 12, 2008. If you would like to sign up as a Book Buddy with one of my students to discuss the rich and engrossing themes and characters of this book, please e-mail me at <"">
Ms. Lalami’s visit to MCC is sponsored by the Campus Center’s Visiting Scholars series and the  English/Philosophy Department during the College Hour on Friday, March 28, 2008 in Monroe A and B. A Book Buddy reception will precede the author’s visit at noon on Wednesday, March 26, 2008.

Elizabeth Pierce
English/Philosophy Department