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Kumar Leads Engineering Science Students to National Championship

First year Engineering Science Instructor Christopher Kumar led MCC’s team Tinkerballz to a National Title at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) national robotics competition held in Austin, Texas on June 15.  Team Tinkerballz created an autonomous robot that collected and sorted red and blue golf balls on a 6’ x 8’ track and then deposited them in the corresponding colored goal.  Members of the winning team from left to right in the picture below are Amy Ryan, Mikhail Udyak,  Christopher Kumar, Vitaliy Prus, and Bill Mansfield.

In addition to first place, MCC also captured 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th places (see Overall Scores Below).  Instructor Donald Howard and Professor John Wadach helped advise the teams that included Mohammad Suleiman, Joe Fertitta, John Spina, Nate Mott, Murray Kopit, Justin Sullivan, Chris Murphy, Dan Pashina, Nate Burleigh, Sam White, Jeff Lederhouse, Eric Day, Joe Wegman, and Josh Koelle (see the full team photo below).

This is the third ASEE National Championship for MCC in the past five years.  For movie clips of the robots that competed in Austin go to M:\Courses\ENR\ENR 259\2009 ASEE Movies & Pictures.

John Wadach
Engineering Science & Physics

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