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Jan Wiranowski Presents a Valuable Life Lesson to Sociology 101 Students

Last Thursday night, November 15th, Maureen Erickson’s Sociology 101 class had the great privilege of hearing Professor Jan Wiranowski from MCC’s Math Department guest lecture on his powerful, challenging and life changing story of his life’s adventures.  It was truly a memorable account of his ‘story” beginning with his escape on the way to a concentration camp at the age of eleven, to coming to America,  “truly the land of opportunity”,  Jan told us, and becoming an expert in language, engineering and math.  Professor Wiranowski is thankful for those who carried him along the way, those who fed him when he was starving and offered him an educational opportunity that opened the doors for his life path.  He has given his life to many in return, and now is giving his life to MCC through a scholarship opportunity for students who need assistance.  If you would like to get your priorities back in order and realize how much you have and how thankful you can be, take the time to talk with Professor Wiranowski.  It will change your life. 

Maureen Erickson