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A Scholars' Day Invitation

Scholars' Day 2014, MCC's 6th annual Scholars' Day event, hereby extends an invitation to all interested students, faculty, and staff, to begin planning in earnest for the February 26 application deadline. 

Scholars' Day 2014 will culminate in the keynote address by world-renowned astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, author and former host of PBS's
NOVA Science Now.

See for details. Scholars' Day is scheduled for the end of April.

STUDENTS considering a presentation: You will need a faculty sponsor when submitting your application, so begin thinking about a faculty member under whose guidance you might wish to work. Your presentation may, but does not have to originate in work from a specific course. As in past years, a number of financial scholarships will be awarded for the best student presentations (see the website for details).

Presentations may take many forms, including traditional talks, panel discussions, poster sessions, demonstrations, performances, recitals, etc.

Additionally, for those who write them, the best papers associated with presentations will be published in the MCC faculty (peer)-reviewed Scholars' Day Review, the first volume of which will be published (online and in print) soon with papers from the 2013 Scholars' Day.

FACULTY: We also want to extend a special invitation to faculty, who may take advantage of Scholars' Day to deliver their own presentations. Faculty who have recently completed a dissertation or thesis, who have recently presented or plan to present elsewhere, or who just want to expound on a topic of special interest, have an excellent opportunity at Scholars' Day. Both you and your students can enjoy and enrich this day from both sides of the podium.

The Scholars' Day Committee will also provide guidance for faculty who are considering serving as sponsors for their talented students.

ALL: It's not too early to begin serious consideration of a potential presentation. The deadline for submission - 26 February 2014 - will fast approach. See the application page of our website for details ( ).

Michael Ofsowitz
Scholars' Day Committee