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Learning Communities Info. Session

Have you considered teaching in a learning community?

While talking with your colleagues in various disciplines, have you ever noticed how many topics, instructional strategies, and course learning outcomes you share? 

*         Learning communities provide faculty with an innovative and collaborative teaching opportunity while providing educational benefits to students. 

*         Learning community courses are linked together to promote interdisciplinary learning while creating a sense of belonging for students. 

*         Students enrolled in learning communities typically earn higher grades and report a greater level of satisfaction in these courses. 

*         Students report that they feel more connected to their professors and to the students that they share courses with. 

*         Learning communities typically offer smaller class sizes which allow for more individualized attention while at the same time allowing for a greater sense of connectedness amongst students and professors.

If you are interested in learning more about learning communities, please consider attending an information session at 2pm on Tuesday, November 17th in the Brighton TCC (12-201).  The information session will provide participants with data on learning communities as well as the opportunity to interact with faculty as they share their own learning community experiences.

Alison Albright
Academic Foundations