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Crime Prevention Tip of the Month - Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor Vehicle Theft

            Crime statistics have shown that in poor economic times, property crimes such as motor vehicle theft and property stolen from motor vehicles increase significantly. MCC Public Safety would like to provide the following crime prevention tips to assist you in safeguarding your vehicles and property.

·         Always park your vehicle in well lit and monitored areas. If possible, park in direct view of security cameras and in areas with frequent pedestrian traffic and security patrols.

·         Always lock your vehicle when it is unattended. Completely roll up all windows, lock your glove compartment and luggage areas, and never leave any extra sets of keys in the vehicle.

·         Never leave the keys in the ignition or leave the vehicle running while unattended.

·         Secure all valuables in the trunk and never leave valuables, bags, boxes, or other items in plain view from outside the vehicle.

·         Never leave the title, registration, or other important documents or mail in the vehicle. If you must transport documents of these types, secure the documents in the trunk or glove box for safekeeping. Never leave the vehicle title in the vehicle.

·         Never utilize a “Hide a Key” key box to store an extra vehicle key on your vehicle. It’s better to carry an extra vehicle key in your wallet or purse than to hide one somewhere on the exterior of your vehicle.

·         If you have access to a garage, always park your vehicle in the garage whenever possible. Parking your vehicle in a secure area such as an enclosed garage lessens the possibility of your vehicle being stolen or burglarized. Even while parked in a garage, continue to lock your vehicle, roll up all vehicle windows completely, secure all valuables from plain view, and lock all garage doors.

·         Consider the purchase of a vehicle alarm, steering wheel locking device, or both. Most insurance companies will provide discounts to customers who utilize a vehicle alarm and/or a steering wheel locking device such as “The Club.”

·          Consider purchasing a tracking device that will allow law enforcement to track and recover your vehicle in the event of the vehicle being stolen. An example of a tracking device system would be General Motors On-Star system which uses Global Positioning Sensors (GPS) to track vehicle movement and can disable the vehicle operating system to render the vehicle inoperable by the thief. Aftermarket systems are also available from LoJack that will provide similar services for a number of vehicle manufacturers. Additional information can be obtained by visiting <<>>

·         Consider having the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched in the vehicle's windows, windshield, and body panels to assist law enforcement in identifying your vehicle and its owner in the event that the vehicle is stolen and dismantled/stripped for its parts.

·         Record the Vehicle Identification Number, the license plate number, and the locations of any VIN etchings on a card and carry that card in your wallet or purse. This information is critical for law enforcement in the investigation and possible recovery of your vehicle.

By following these Vehicle Theft Tips, you can reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen or burglarized.

Another Crime Prevention Tip from your MCC Public Safety Crime Prevention Team!

Lee Struble
Public Safety