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Downtown Campus - "LEED" Parking Spaces

Having a "greener" car has its advantages. If you drive a car with a high Green Score according to LEED requirements, you may qualify for a better parking spot.

MCC's Downtown Campus is introducing preferential parking spaces for low-emission (LEV) and fuel-efficient vehicles. These spaces are located in Lot AA, directly across S. Plymouth Ave. from Frontier Field. Signs are posted in the designated row. These parking spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. Enforcement of these spaces will begin on December 4th.

How do I qualify for Low Emission Fuel Efficient Parking?

Monroe Community College uses LEED list that could be found at: if your vehicle meets the EPA standard, you qualify for a Low-emitting and Fuel Efficient (LEFE) parking space.

What is the EPA standard?

Low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles are defined as vehicles that are either classified as Zero emission Vehicles (ZEV) by the California Air Resources Board or have achieved a minimum green score of 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEED) annual vehicle rating guide.

Where can I get a Low Emission Fuel Efficient (LEFE) parking permit?

LEFE parking registration is required by filling out an application with Parking Services.

Once completed, the Parking Services staff will verify that your vehicle qualifies and will code your parking account accordingly. This code can be identified by MCC parking enforcement personnel using license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Applications are available the Parking Services office at both the Brighton Campus building 1 room 102 and the Downtown Campus building 32 room 122.

When the application has been approved Parking Services will contact you via email and you can begin to park in the Low Emission's area.

For how long is an LEFE parking permit valid?

LEFE parking permits are good for the entire semester for students as long as their vehicle information remains the same. Employee's registration for LEFE is valid for as long as they own the qualifying vehicle and are employed by MCC.

What are the benefits of a Low Emission Fuel Efficient (LEFE) parking permit?

There are first come, first served parking stalls reserved for LEFE vehicles in parking Lot AA. If the spaces are full you must park in either a designated student spaces (if you are a student) or an employee space/lot (if you are an employee).

I have an LEFE question that I still need answered. Who do I contact?

Contact Parking Services at 585-292-2700 or email

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